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About Us

Welcome to art-studio Koof! 
Our studio unites professional artists, modellers and people of other creative professions who create works of art with their own hands, in different areas of the arts. With years of experience, we have assembled a team of high-class specialists of their kind. 
Miniatures painting is a complex and delicate process in which our masters use high-quality materials and paints. They apply various complex artistic techniques and giving a higher priority to transfer colors, textures, the play of light and shade. Professional painting characterized by complex stages of quality control and evaluation of artistic skill made by professionals with necessary academic education. Due to this approach, figures filled with extra individuality and a special artistic style.
Our studio offers its products for military history and desktop War-games fans and exhibitions, museums and exclusive private collections. For many years, our studio has painted various figures of different quality, from cheap mass figures to piece elite, collectible miniatures. We are always happy to cooperate in solving problems of different complexity and any budget. 
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